Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I like to create things but at the moment i would like to create more time. I had a lovely weekend in Lincoln (pics to follow) but leaving early sat and getting back late sunday left for my head being frazzled, i try not to stress out in the week with all the things i want to do as i know i can do them at the weekend. They are all fun things but i do feel them mounting up, quilts x2, tablecloth, cushions, xmas cards,knitting, crochet etc etc etc

So this week i feel a little kerfuffled with it all and struggling to 'catch up'. So nearly a week behind i have this to share.

This is the latest sketch from the us Twisted Sisters, this week the twist was to Distress, this is not something i normally do but am quite pleased with my results. Photos taken on mine and heathers last crochet get together before she moved away, i was furiously taking notes and im pleased to say I am still useless at crochet doh! just cant seem to pick this up grrr.

But knitting i seem to have been doing better with i made this for my chum SJ, the scarf not the curly (ish) hair lol, was super easy and am enjoying making more. I also saw these and loved them

i do plan to try that, i think just a rib stitch , stocking and moss yeah?
but this is what i have made in the mean time and im pretty pleased with them

Right thats all for now, one question though do you get stressed about all the 'fun' things you have to do? TFL X


Sally said...

hiya hun.
I am really interested in making a quilt for my little girlie and would love to know if you can reccomend good places to get material from that you know are good, it that makes sense, rather than risking it.
Hope you are well.

Sally xxx

beksynormz said...

I do when I have too many ideas in my head!!! xx

Rachel said...

sally i cant find your email address on your profile so posting here, i have been getting mine from USA Ebay but i did do a order from here http://www.cottonpatch.co.uk/ the other day just waiting got it to come. Good luck, thanks for stopping by x

Gertie said...

Ooooh nice colour wristwarmers Rachel.
Just do what I do when there's so much crafty stuff you wanna be getting on with.......forget everything else and just do it!!!!! :-)

Micayla said...

I try and not let things mount up too much personally, but at times I do stress! Normally at the mundane things in life like housework, bills etc. I see fun things for what they are and try not have too many balls being juggled at one time. I have no problem leaving things undone, I will pick them up sooner or later.
Love the layout, distressing is one of my fave things to do and you did a fab job.


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