Monday, 30 November 2009

Do I or Dont I?

So wow you can tell the difference between computer blogging and iphone blogging, for one computer has bigger pictures etc but the iphone corrects my grammar, which as I'm sure you have noticed it shocking!

So JYC by the mighty Shimelle, do I or dont I? I have done it for the last 2 years so it would be a shame not too, but i only got to 24th December last year as i went home after that then got really poorly.
But i have to say im tempted, I dont like to be left out of things so i will have to decide tonight if im doing it and get some paper chopped! This is my blog from Dec 08 i think its funny that i only did 9 posts in december, my how things have changed.

So picking up from last night, here is a funny pic of my and nicky

once i got home me and rob put the tree up not crazy amounts of photos for once but a few funny ones

This is my Mr and Mrs Clause, My granny made me Mrs Clause this year so they are finally together.

My super cute bauble tree

Little lola trying to join in the fun

Un twisting lights if never a fun job but rob seemed to have fun

My lovely branch i got on my road trip, i knew this would look super cute all dressed up for christmas.

Rob insists on getting this inflatable snowman out every year lol
Waiting for rob and his fancy camera to take proper photos of the tree.

So as this is a scrapping blog I shall share some pages with you

These are photos from our roadtrip we have had for ages and finally got around to scrapping them whilst i was in the barn.

This is one of my favourite pages and photo, again a road trip pic taken by the lovely SJ just a casual photo but lots of meaning, i used lots of earth love and just love the mini stacks that Cosmo brought out.

This one makes me laugh, taken at DTD in Florida, everyone has their photo taken with the lego dogs and rob was no exception. Lots of hand cut basic grey doggies.

Right thats all for now, need to go and think about JYC hmmmmm TFL x


Sally said...

Do it!!! join in, it will be great to see your pages.

Ooh and on another thought, they so amy butler fabrics in hobbycraft so if there is one near you it saves you a trip down to sheff!!

take care xxxx

Heather said...

I can't believe that you have put your decorations up already! Oh hang on, I forgot who I was talking to :p

JO SOWERBY said...

go on u know u want to!!!!! :)
love rob's pink jammies.
jo xx

Rachel said...

i was hoping no one would notice the pjs, i refuse to let him wear trackies so he wears my pjs :) and our house is very chilly.
Think i have talked myself into doing it, so off to cut up paper and make a xmas pizza box x

Sarah said...

Snap! I'm another who can't decide whether to do JYC this year or not!

If you do...I'm looking forward to seeing your pages!

Angela said...

Your "You and Me" LO is beautiful. I love the muted colours and the photograph. It's the kind of photo you would want to scrap over and over again and frame and put up all over the house! Gorgeous!


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