Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The story of our bikes

Hi gang i have been a bit useless on the scrapping front not done any for a bit well besides my DT stuff but i cant show you that now can i? so this is my last one, so will try and knock up a couple more tonight, i have got really into my knitting yesterday at work my boss taught me how to do ribbing, i had tried on my own and well it didnt woke so she taught me and i sat all my lunch hour doing it so i can tick that off the list. Also my friend talked me into going to a different knit night which was held in Leeds city centre in Borders, was really nice to do it with my friend Natalie but bit f a different mix to my lovely BAARAMEWE i will be back there on thursday but it wasnt completely pointless as she taught me how to do cabling so its a bit faffy but i can do it.
Guess we will see if we go again, i would go just to hang out with Nats LOL

But the story of the bikes, when i first moved to Lincoln to go to Uni, i worked for Blockbuster having transferred from my home branch, imagine tweeny weeny shop to huge giant mega store eek. Anyway i used to get the bus there from town and get a taxi home i did this till xmas this is where things turned around i had met Rob on my very first day of work he was the very first person i saw in my very first week at uni, anyway he used to bike to work it was a good 5 miles there and back again.
So i got a bike off my sister for my birthday (as you do)

See xmas 2004
We started 'courting' and we used to bike home together from work, so i did a layout to honour our little bikes

Ta Da thats all for now x

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Jenny said...

Awww thats so cute!! Well done with the ribbing & cabling x x


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