Sunday, 4 October 2009

Patchwork Saturday

I had the pleasure of some lovely company yesterday....

these lovely ladies came to 'play' for the day. I played host and made lunch

Its risotto which i live on, and pleased to say it went down well.
So while Vicky and Natalie got on with some scrapping, Karen caught me how to patchwork. Calling on my old sewing skills (well i guess i do have a degree in it) and i got going

i swear i could have sat all day and moved the squares around, after a group vote we decided to mix them all up and pile them up and just sew them randomly, this saved literally hours of my day so here i go

Yes that indeed is my ironing board which has not seen the light of day since uni, its in such a mess because all i used it for was uni work so it has bonda web all over it, but never mind does the job.
Whilst i was doing this vicky and nats did some serious scrapping

Whilst Karen did this...

I know clever lady
so i was pressing and sewing away

So i did a bit more square placing

And this is it all sewn together

This is actually for the living room please excuse our dodgy brown blanket thats on there. So super chuffed with how its looking, now i have to invest in the backing and everything else that goes with it, so here i go with another expensive hobby.
Thanks to the girls for a fab day, now do i scrapbook, sew or knit or crochet help!


Amanda said...

Thats fab patchwork and will look good when all made up with the backing sounds like you all had a good day

Carmen said...

Looks like a really fun day :D Can't wait till I'm at a stage that I'm making things like that. Got to get the sewing machine looked at first which involves crawling into a dark and dusty cupboard under the stairs to retrieve it *shudder* THEN I can start learning and hopefully not stitch myself to whatever I'm working on ;)

Haven't had risotto in sooo long! Yours looks very tasty.

Claire said...

Wish I could do patchwork but dont have a clue! Great work and its looks so homely and inviting.


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