Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Stitch in the Ditch!

So sewing, i technically have a degree in it (well ok i do) but have been reminded this week why i dont work in the fashion industry besides loving jeans and hoodies too much i have no patience, and am not accurate enough at all for this sewing lark. But i solider on, i am at the stage with my first quilt where i am actually quilting, i have basically gone round the squares thats it but its blooming hard work getting it through the sewing machine and my foot is aching from the pedal lol. So here are a few pics of what ive been up to.

So its not the neatest quilt in the world but its nearly there and im pretty chuffed, hoping to finish it well apart from the binding bit but i cant wait to use it as its getting chilly.

So over the weekend literally hours before the announcement of the end of SI i did this

Dragged all my Si out and put them in year order, i have most from 2007 which im pretty proud of

This was my first, its spring 07 which is the month i moved house and got into scrapping by going to a crop.
so this is what else i did with them

these are my 3 years of collections.

I then covered some naff looking folders with some fun wrapping paper i got in Primark.

I also made space on my expedit for my fabric, still to sort my yarn square out.

I brought most of my xmas dvds to sit on my desk coz i watch them so much

this is a little pic of my magnet board on my desk, i have random stuff, from old photos, to cute pics of lola, nice notes, pics rob has done for me, my sarahs cards loyalty card, i giant donut and some super cute magnets.
Well thats it for now, i have found as soon as i have my tea i flop on the sofa and dont get up so going for a late tea tonight so i can blog and get my quilt done, then i will finish this bit on my knitting before i go mad, i did 3 rows at lunch time with 96 stitches so its taking ages lol, thanks for stopping by x


Sarah said...

Hi The quilt is looking great! I really must sort through and organise my magazines too!! Have a great evening!

Carmen said...

Where's Scrooged? I don't see Scrooged! You can't have a Christmas film collection and not have Bill Murray in Scrooged!

Loving the quilt. Very jealous you can sew.

cathy c said...

Your quilt looks great Rachel! Looking forward to seeing a pic of the knitting now!

Magazines eh!! yet another addiction of us scrappers, I have tons too! lol

JO SOWERBY said...

i have loads of magazines too. this evening i have been labelling my scrapping goodness so i know what is where. i've found loads of lovely stuff i forgot i had. sadly i've also found duplicates of stuff too....may have to have a garage sale.
jo xxx

ukmaryanne said...

I love the quilt - and your SI holders. Want to come do mine? :)

Rachel said...

thanks guys scrooged is there next to groundhog day and santa clause 2 lol

Glen said...

That is a work of art Rachel. I LOVE Miracle on 34th Street - my fave Christmas movie. Love all the pics on display and your mag files. They are now treasures to me. *Sniff*. TFS.


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