Sunday, 25 October 2009


now i thought i blogged yesterday which proves how quick the weekend went lol. So i have discovered full xmas films on you tube very very excited so watched lots of cheesy films today whilst knitting which has been great.

Right more pages to share i havent done any this weekend so good job i still have lots to share and keeping int he xmas mood

love this photo is started snowing at like 10pm we were all ready for bed when rob agreed to go out and play in the snow so i could have snow photos : )

i had seriously always wanted one of these chocolate machines and had all but given up hope when i got one last year yippee!
P.S seriously how long was my hair then just how much have i had cut off!! this much ...

and lastly a few photos of me i stole from one one of the girls from our weekend away

This is officially my new hair, looks fab when its done looks dodgy when its not (currently not done )

this is my eeek everyone is looking at me while i get my photo taken face oh my!

this is me in SJ's hat which i love and a random tea pot.
Thats all for now will do some quilting blogging tomo nighty night x


Debbie said...

Love that snow LO! Rob must be a good sport!
Hair looks fab by the way!

Carmen said...

I officially LOVE that hat... and I don't do hats so very high praise indeed :D


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