Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tidy Desk!

I have been scrapping in a tiny space on my huge desk so about 11pm on monday night i thought it would be a good time to tidy hhhmmm! and i had a little sort of where i kept stuff.

This is where my magazines normally live but i have risked putting my most current 12x12 and hope they dont bend, and added my Scrapbook Trends my photos and pencil case

I have moved my thicker box to its nearer me, my new spotty case with new pretty things, and my owl tin full of tins, and my lovely green case for my travels.

To my right is all my other alpha bits, tiny mm ones, stamps, tall doodlebugs, etc

Back to the left on the first shelf i have lots of boxes and bits and bobs

and same on the other side.
however i still have a long way to go with my computer desk

Still having a issue with which computer i am keeping, rob got a new laptop so i dont know if i keep my mini which has a naf screen but the computer has lots of memory, or this beautiful white one but doesnt have too much space.
Brain vs Brawn is the question hmmm! any ideas?


Emily said...

Desk looks great!

grover said...

I love to see crafty spaces!
P.S I was just checking out your disney layouts in the side bar (I LOVE DISNEYWORLD!) and they are fantastic! I am just starting to do pages for the trip we had last!

JO SOWERBY said...

i know you said you got your little case from Tesco but which department- I can't find it anywhere. Your desk is tidier than mine Rachel.
Jo x


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