Monday, 22 June 2009

here, here and here.

Thanks for all your kind comments on my new DT post, i am really excited to get going and think the blog is going to be really popular and great fun.
On another note the June Sarahs Cards kit has been arriving on peoples door and everyone is loving it, i will post my layouts tomo.
Now I have learnt a new trick, here ta da! i have always wanted to learn how do to this. So i thought i would have a practice.
A few of my non scrappy friends have been making blogs recently, first my mate heather who loves photography and has learnt how to crochet here blog is little tin bird and my friend fran who is currently working with kids in India for 3 mths her blog is not craft related but makes a great read hers is here Another one i love but dont know them are this this
In other news yesterday i spent most of the day playing on picasa and photobox this is what i made.

thats all for now x


Heather said...

Hurrah, thanks for blog plug!
Your Picasa skills are very good, well done :)

Emily said...

Awesome! I love what you made!


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