Monday, 1 June 2009

2 Hobbies

So having taken up knitting and slowly learning crochet i am struggling to keep up with it all, i havent scraped for a while and everything is being left so i can read my book lol
So i have managed a couple of layouts with my new stuff.

This is a lo of my dad on his new Tiggetar, the journalling reads that i apparently couldnt pronounce guitar and this is what i said so now everyone calls it that. I have used my new cosmo and a bit of this and a bit of that. Really pleased with how easy it came together.

This is again Cosmo using some old Sassafras bits, the photos is of friday lunch, our work gang on lunch, we work in the Securities centre and we are called SECS so i thought of Secs in the City and quite pleased with myself for being so inventive lol
thats all for now, gonna try and do a bit of gogo packing tonight xx


beksynormz said...

That made me smile Rachel cos it reminded me of a friend when I was little, she couldn't say it either so she called it a guntar!!! xx

Heather said...

Wahey I made it into one of your layouts! :D
I LOVE the paper by the way, the spots are fab :) xxxx

Jenny said...

Lovely layouts, glad you're keepin up with the stitches! x

Carmen said...

Love the Secs in the City title - v. clever :P


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