Sunday, 31 May 2009

Roundy Park

As i call it, I love living near Roundhay Park in Leeds its huge and i think half of Leeds was there today, i had a chilled out morning in the garden bit of breakfast, some reading bit of garden stuff, then headed to the park to sit in the sun and read my book, not as many fun photos as yesterday but still some good ones.

Yes i know and rob did feel silly with the pretty parasol from yesterday lol
So lots of fun had there then our friends came round for a bit of a George Forman bbq (yes im calling it a bbq)

And they brought their little bunny Alfie who was very well behaved and just ate the weeds in the garden.
Tomo is back to work and extra early to make up enough hours to leave early on friday for gogo worth it in the end up at 8am start on a monday morning is not gonna be fun. x

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Tina said...

Rob looks fab with the Brolly LOL


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