Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Which Superman?

This week has been all about Superman, Rob (oh) goes through these phases of really wanting stuff, we watched the first Superman with Christopher Reeves, so then he thinks i want them all so buys the whole box set so thats what i've been doing watching superman, we watched 1-4 with Christopher Reeves and loved how old school they were not too scary which is what i like. Then last night we watched Superman Returns with Brandon Routh who is mighty fine might i say, and this one was far scarier but i did like it, but for me there will always only be one. And that is the lovely Dean Cain, i used to love this tv series and had a great pencil tin i got from Tammy Girl with him in it was black and white.
However i am yet to watch anything with this young man in it

However sadly i believe we are watching this, this evening

Moving on.....

After my discussion on the last post about thickers, i went for this option, in a box- not just any box my lovely owl box, they are happy standing in there for now until i get back from my weekend away where i will sort them into colour/ fabric.

Also in prep for my weekend away and to save weight and space im not taking my tote, which broke last time, as i was running through birmingham station the handles broke, not much fun, so i have put all my embellishments in a tin yes a owl tin.

So hoping im prepared its full of all my favourite stuff so that should be enough. On the owl theme i thought i would jazz up my 12x12 folder so you guess it,

Owls, but i like it so its ok.

Will save the rest of my news/ photos for tomo, dont want too much of a good thing lol thanks for looking xx


Helen Tilbury said...

Tell me...those owl boxes...are they your paper stash? If so do they take 12inch papers? Here we can only get ones for school/office that fit A4 papers - very frustrating. Can't believe your little tin holds all you need? You should see my stash,LOL!

Heather said...

Dean Cain all the way!

Cleo said...

Dean Cain was cute but Tom Welling is Lush and a fab Clark Kent!!! I love smallville!!
Love all your owls! I now have owl Envy!!

Laura said...

Dean Cain all the way for me. God, I loved that man in Lois and Clark. Not in the costume though, purely in the specs and jacket. Swoon. *fans self*


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