Sunday, 1 March 2009

How many is too much?

I'm talking thickers, i knew i had lots i know i got tons in America in the shops and the online order, i know i get them in kits lots and i buy them in general, i have them dotted about all over the place but today i counted and ....

I have 36 packs of thickers, now is that too many?

Pretty huh, so at what point do you throw them away, how many do you need left on the sheet? do you need to have no vowels before you will part with them? im most confused.
Most people ask how do to store your thickers, but i think it should be how do you organise, should it be material, foam, chipboard etc or colour, or how many you have on a sheet?
Answers on a postcard please!

Next up is retreat questions! on the last retreat i has just got back from florida so took most of my new stuff, but i am 'training' it this time so need to be careful i got started last night with the photos

Ambitious i know but most of them are a 6x4 photo and a couple of picasa ones to match so not so many there, but rather too many than too little. So paper i plan to take my new Fancy Pants, my new DT kit, and the other CHA stuff i have, as well as last months gogo, hope thats not too over the top? Hoping to do a bit of sketching tonight so i have a plan, i was really slow last time and quite lost without the internet to guide me, so i will plan more.

On to house fun, we went to see it again we both sets of parents, and it looks even better than before we have lovely new titles at the front door, a brand new fridge freezer, we found out we are getting blinds at our bay windows so thats good, that would of cost a bomb.So all good even more excited to move in, so today i actually started PACKING, i have been sorting lots this week and surprised how much i could get rid of either in the bin or to charity shops etc so quite please with the progress there. But today i had 3 boxes so thought i would start, i went for my wardrobe first, i binned so much, old make up i thought i would keep coz there was a tiny it left etc i just got rid! i made another huge bag of craft stuff to donate and a charity shop bag.This is literally 2 shelves from my wardrobe and a row of books from my bookcase.

3 boxes and its hardly made a dent, i knew we had alot of stuff but i really didnt think it would take too long , but as you sort as you go it really does, so thats why i am starting 5 weeks early.
Thats it for now off to do a lo as i havent done anything for a week now kind of saving myself for next weekend.
Sorry so much waffle today

thanks for stopping by x


Sandie Grisé said...

My motto- when in doubt toss it out! Good luck with your mission of clearing stuff out :-)

Annie said...

Good luck with the packing - I moved last Autumn and remember how much hard work all that packing and unpacking is.

As for the thickers - no organisation from me, they're all just in a plastic box! But when to get rid of them...? I just can't do it! I have sheets of stickers that I know are unuseable now. Maybe it's time for a ruthless clear out!

beksynormz said...

I think you're ok Rachel, I read about someone who had 56 packets the other day!! I personally could never part with my Thickers, I would just mix and match different ones if I started running out!! Makes my small collection look sad, but I'll catch up one day!! xxx

Vicki said...

good luck with the packing, i started 2 months too early..... and still wasnt' organised!! lol.

i have lots of thickers too, i just dont' count mine lol xxx

Jen said...

hmm, well seeing as I've just counted and have 42 packs of thickers I would say you can never have enough! I don't organise them though, they are just stood in a basket to flick through. I wouldn't chuck them out either, just mix and match, i love my thickers too much to throw them away!

Yankee in England said...

Don't toss them! I have found I can trim them to make letters I want. n becomes r. b becomes a. m becomes n. Depends on the font and material the felt and chipboard lend themselves better to trimming. I keep them as well because sometimes I mix and match. I have a 12x12 small acordian file I keep my alphabet stickers in. Divided into my own brand of randomness.

Heather said...

thats a lot of thickers! I think I only have 3 packs of them but I do love them. Just a shame you always run out of vowels before you can use them up. good luck with the packing and sorting out :) oh & love your DT Los from the last entry, lovely & bright :)

Jazzy1972 said...

You can never have too much Thickers lol, I just posted a picture of my 100 packs on your UKS thread lol. I think I might blog the picture. I Love your layouts. Jay xx

Helen Tilbury said...

I agree with them! Don't toss them...EVER...some things are for the bin/charity shop, like old wardrobe items, etc, but scrappy stuff can always be used. You mix & match & also change letters into other ones. Look at a lot of Shimelle Laine's work. Se does it all the time...I sort my alphas by colour, then from smallest to biggest & I have dozens too so don't stress ;-)


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