Sunday, 22 February 2009


So its still the weekend so i can blog lol we went to Ikea today, we got there for 10 so early for a sunday and bought some lovely things, all pretty standard but nice anyway.

im super impressed the floor lights were reduced to £3.49 so got 2, the little table was reduced to £3.99 we got 2 of these for living room and a white for my craft room, bargain cushions for £1.56 no idea which room they are far but cute cute cute! we got a wardrobe and the drawers but cant find photo of them, sorry we/ rob and his dad in his van are going back from the wardrobe tomo as its too big for the mighty micra! we got lots of other cute things too so they are all currently in Robs parents other living room all in there boxes so no playing/building for 6 whole weeks :(
We saw a lovely sofa too well 2 lovely sofa i like one very much and rob likes the other very much, mine is red and i love it robs is browny but mine is better hope he comes around to my way of thinking btu they are both nice and good price so be happy with either i suppose (but dont tell him that).

Scrapping wise i did this lo below, but not sure if i like it, like the photo style but seems to be missing something even though i tirelessly cut the title out, i have to try and use some of the America stuff problem is its not on show so i forget i have it silly but true. This shows my current love of baking i appear to have acquired.

Well thats all for now, been meaning to sort this weekend, sort stash, sort make up, sort old clothes but we have been out all day so i dont want to, we will see how far i get lol
hope you had a nice weekend
oh we started watching this film tonight so thought i would leave you with a picture hes the cutest

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dddeeebbbzzz said...

Fab shopping! I love Ikea and have their stuff all over my house and also in my classroom! The new house is going to look great!


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