Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Another Layout hopefully!

Well lets see if blogger is working today

hurray it does appear to want to upload my pictures tonight :)

So i have put these 2 up on my wall next to my desk, it was the 2 xmas ones i had in SI but needed a change, i am due to be in Scrapbook Inspirations which should be out any day so thats exciting.

On a sad note, we are really struggling with our tropical fish at the moment, we have never been able to keep them alive so i got the water tested like a month ago and we have nitraite in the water, so i had to empty 1/3 out every 2 days (the fish really dont like me doing this) but being away and ill over xmas has had horrid effects of my little tank and we have lost all of our neons- we had 4 before xmas, last one went today and we have lost a mountain mio we have had since like last march. So we have a total of 4 fish now i think and its mighty depressing not sure what is worse them just disappearing completely or fishing them out when they are stuck to the filer not a nice job. Any Tips?

well on that note im off to try and warm up! thanks for visiting x


lindschick said...

LOve these LO's, they are gorgeous.

Sorry about your fish, hope it sorts out soon.

Jane said...

Love your style! I especially love the 'kick it' one... super well done!


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