Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Traditions and Wrapping

so day 9- which i did tonight coz i fell asleep at 7pm last night but anyway, this is all about traditions, and i have done it on how the tradition is we go to my family for xmas coz i dont live in the same city as them and cant have t any other way!
Not sure if this a tradition or me being a brat!

Day10- Wrapping, i found this page tough last yr so have done it a little different, and explained how bad a am at wrapping and how my hair gets caught in the cellotape nice!

i swear i'm doing 'normal' scrapping too but them photos are on the other computer and its freezing in there so will do it asap!



Jenny said...

Great pages, wow doing normal scrapping too! X

Claireliz said...

Gorgeous as always Rachel.

daydreamer said...

Looking lovely Rach,
Rach x


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