Monday, 8 December 2008

5, 6, 7, & 8 JYC

Catch up- i have been doing them and on the right day but havent got round to blogging. I've also done tons of normal layouts but not photographed them so cant put them up yet, and shock horror there is one thats not xmas related at all!!

So day 5-Counting down for Christmas!
This year we are organsied we all have our advent calenders, me, rob and lola, rob has a milky bar one, mine is galaxy and lola has a special one for hamsters. Every night after we have had our tea we have ADVENT OCLOCK me and rob sit and open our calenders and wait for lola to get up so she can have hers, she is only aloud it every other day as there are lots of buttons in her doors and we dont want her to get really fat! like this....

However while i was distracted taking these snaps, she went on a rampage and nearly destroyed her calender ripped the doors off and broken into 2 extra days.

6-The good and the bad- i found this one really hard to do a good xmas and a bad one- i have never had a bad xmas so i did a page on how luck y iam to get to spend xmas with everyone who i want to spend it with.

7- 70%- lists

Again a tough one, i did a page on how im finding it really hard to buy for rob this yr after he bought the whole world in Florida and that he knows 70% of what hes getting, at least there is 30% left huh!

8- Signs

The Victoria Quarter in leeds is fancy to say the least, its tradition now we go to the Leeds light switch on and then head to this tree to take some snaps this photo was taken by my new friend heather and i love it, sepia looks so much better on this photo than colour or black and white did great job matey!

Hope you likey!

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~Vicki~ said...

awww cutie little lola, so lovely - and those photos made me laugh!!! loving all the JYC photos xxx


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