Thursday, 18 December 2008

News News News

No not stash!

New blog header and bits designed by the lovely Sj - she is one of my new friends of the year and she has done a great job.

Next excitement is i have been asked to be on the Design Team for Sarahs Cards woo hoo! am muchio excited it was on my new years resolution list this year and happened just before the end of the year. My first assignment will be here this weekend woo hoo!

Next Excitement is this.......

my little blog got featured in Scrapbook Inspirations, which is very exciting, they said some lovely things about my work so thats all very good making me happy! So welcome if anyone is reading for the first time because of this magazine!

Erm... what else.......

My Sister has come home for christmas, she lives at the other side of the world in Melbourne but it has felt even further this year, this was the last time i saw her last yr. She is coming to leeds for a visit on saturday and sunday and i hope she will play in the take photos of everything game i like to play.... but i fear not, she is most worried about my little lola, not in a loving aunty way but in a can you make it (not her) sleep outside, she is terrified of her! How when shes which a little cutie!

Well blogger is completely playing up and wont let me what scrapping work i have done, trying to keep up with JYC but little behind and its meaning i cant do 'normal' scrapping i officially got to the 18th last yr so i must beat it. looks like a friday night catching up i think... i am a party animal lol



Jenny said...

Well done you! Love the new bloggy too x

Ruth said...

lovely new blog header and Lola is still so cute

Sarah said...

Love your style! (I'm here becuase of the mention on SI....)Very cute hammy too :)

daydreamer said...

Hi Rach, Congrats on Sarah cards! & saw your blog in SI too,
It must be lovely to see your sister again, (how can she be scared of little Lola!)
oh & i love your new blog header.
Don't give up on the JYC, i'm 8 days behind, but i'm still gonna keep at it!
Think thats it for now! lol
Merry Christmas
Rach x

Anonymous said...

Your hammy is so cute, makes me miss mine.
Congrats with the Sarahs Cards team!
Love the new blog design!


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