Monday, 3 November 2008

Busy Week behind me and busy week to come- long post!

Well i officially got no scrapping done last week, i havent even unpacked from my weekend i was pretty much decorating the flat for the halloween party on friday, which was rather good and drunken and messy, here are the best bits.

lola took a shine to the pumpkin

I wore a silly wig all day at work in the name of charity and had a halloween buffet fun day for the British Heart Foundation!

i got rid of the wig dyed my hair and got ready for the party

the scene was set... now we need people

ahh there they are!

Safe to say saturday i had a quiet one and tried to put our flat back to normal (its still not finished btw)

All week Lola had been biting on her cage and had created quite a size-able hole, so we bit the bullet and bought her the mother of all cages.

cool isnt it? i have no clue how i convinced rob to let me have it, but lola loves it, after several items up the tubes lots of forwards backwardsness happening i think she likes it.

Also i just re subbed to GOGO! im really loving the kits at the mo how much is this months?

yummy huh!

And more news is at the end of the month we are going here!

Yes back to Disneyland yes we have only been back a month but who cares i love it!!!

im hoping to meet this guy

so i can tell him i would like this for christmas!

i shall keep my fingers crossed, but this week is Bonfire night and we have finally found somewhere to go, and thursday is leeds light switch on, all the girlies are off for a cocktail and back to mine for fish and chips and a xmas film then back in town for the lights and fireworks, and some famous pop start turning the lights on.

Exciting times ahead



Anonymous said...

looks like you've had a fab party! love the room decorations

{ Emma } said...

Looks like a great party, fab costumes from everyone. Bet you can't wait for Disney... you going to Paris or Florida?

Either way I'm highly jealous!

Emma XXX

Jo Power said...

Your party looked really good fun. Glad Lola likes her new cage.

jay670120 said...

Great photos looked fun but what is the blue man supposed to be ???? lol !!!

Debsg said...

Great pics. Love the name of your hamster.


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