Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A-m-a-z-i-n-g Weekend!

Wow What a weekend!
Me and some luscious girlies from UKS rented a cabin in the woods basically, i travelled far and wide with heavy bags to get but a breezy 6 hours later i was there lol.

IT was mighty dark when we got there, and even darker trying to find the loo's, i had a pretty slow start on friday- i blame the journey lol, so didnt even get one lo done, i gave into to sleep at 1.30 but the others partied on up till 3.45!!!!

it was a really nice day on saturday so we took lots of fun photos, not everyone is in them all as people were showering or just round and about.

Anyway there are a few, i love scrapping with other people and these are some of my favourite scrappers, i managed to get a doodling lesson from SJ (Scrappyfairy) before she had to leave( she rudely left early to look after her sick child, some people) lol!

she taught me how to do frames and stuff, im really pleased with my lo, but she left me to finish it- its very her style but its mine all mine hee hee

fun isnt it? a bit of Disney Magic- and sj gave me tons of jewels to add as the fireworks, i dont use these nearly enough and in fact i used my first and last one, last week which i got for my birthday 10 months ago!

Like i said SJ had to leave early so we got to meet Ben sj other half and he brought her albums so we had a noisy they are fabby, while we had the 'use' of ben he took some group photos.

and to top it off SJ took tons of 'professional' photos of us individually so we can have a new facebook photo lol, these are mine.

Anyone i started to get my finger out and get some lo done, not very many and sure i have another couple somewhere but this is what i did.

this is me being excited about the new harry potter land at florida in 2010 eekkk!

ok so we know you will get wet on a water ride but this was ridiculous!

some crazy golf.
i did another one but i might try and submit it to a mag so ill hold off putting it on here for now.

So to conclude the best weekend ever met some great girlies and got tons of ideas, and saw plenty of stash i wanted! cannot wait till the new Sassafras comes out eeeekkk!

in other news- we are having a halloween party on friday so just been getting ready for that with food decorations etc.



Linda Elbourne said...

I always love your LOs Rachel but that Purple LO is my all time favourite - tis stunning X

rachel said...

thanks i had a little help lol

Jo Power said...

I love your firework LO its gorgeous, and the bling fireworks are perfect.

kelly said...

sounds fab! i need to get myself on a weekend like that!!! love your lo's gorgeous x

daydreamer said...

Great LO's Rach, & sounds like you had a fab time at the retreat,
The photos taken of you are really lovely.
Rach x

Claireliz said...

Stunning LO's rachel. Looks like you had a great time. x

Julie said...

Just love the fireworks layout - Stunning with all the jewels

jay670120 said...

Lovely L/Os as usual , Glad you had a great time away and you didnt think my mate Cleo was too weird ,lol !!!!
Cleo told me to look for the little lady you all have to scrap too lol x

Vee said...

What a talented scrapper! Fab L/Os!

Debsg said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I could manage that myself.

Vee said...

Ws this Jordans by any chance?


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