Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Dicky Dark

Its getting might dark these days and the clocks dont go back till sunday which means i will have a extra hour with my lovely friends at the retreat this weekend, im super excited although well mad coz my stupid ink still hasnt turned up, ordered super early with a really quick delivery and not here!

Anyway i have some lo to share, i think i have a very bright style so after my bright lo i tried to dull it down a little.

I am well into these huge photos and only 30p at boots woo hoo! i ordered quite a few so expect to see them alot!

So i fancied a change of pace so did some random photos and put my lovely holiday ones to the side.

i really like this one (if i can say that)I used a gogo kit on a scalloped bit of card ive had for a while, photos of me drawing rach luvs rob in the sand in freezing cold Seaton Carew, dont know if it makes it worse it was easter weekend and we nearly froze ( and it snowed) or Rob wasnt even there. Anyway i used the title from the song by Texas which i really like.

This was a very quick lo and im not very impressed with it, taken at Hamsterly Forest up north and it was July believe it or not, we got soaked!

Check me out and all the thickers, i used, chipboard, vinyl, foam al-sorts on this, its a lift from a lo on the 2peas webs site, but with my own twist, i even hand cut the tree and added the jewels.

This is a direct lift for SJ blog (see my favs for blog) love her style so i stole it, used a photo from a rare sunny day in Leeds, one of my favourite photos of the year.

Well thats all for now, should be packing for the retreat but i have a film with my name on it- ok so another xmas film but had so much fun last night watching them we have gone for another one, will try and update before the weekend xx


Shirley said...

Great to catch up on some more LO's love them all but especially love the way you have done the Wet n Wild LO.

Debsg said...

Love these LOs. I adore the writing in the sand one. I love doing that!

Claireliz said...

Fantastic LOs Rachel. That writing in the sand one is brilliant.

~Vicki~ said...

another load of gorgeous layouts, reallyu loving those!!!

Ayesha said...

those boxes are from asda in the stationary section. i love that drawing in the sand lo...

SABEE said...

love your LO's ... Specially the last Sunshine one

Jo Power said...

Great lo I like your style.

kelly said...

lovin ur lo's as always have a fab time at ur retreat x


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