Saturday, 4 October 2008

Stash cont- Disaster at the Florida Mall & Michael's

So our plan of action said that on Monday 22nd said Florida Mall which is where Scrappy Boutique is, so after figuring out the buses, we waited at the bus stop by the road, it was raining by now and this stupid giant American car went past and absolutely soaked us like in the face top to toe SOAKING! we were not impressed at all esp as we then had to sit on a cold AC bus for a Hour.

All i had was the number of the shop which turned out to be not enough after running around the general area where the bus dropped us off we still had no luck- oh did i mention it was 6.15 and the shop closed at 7, i went into the mall to ask where it was i knew it wasnt in the mall as such they had no idea, so we literally ran all over on SandLake Road which is possibly the longest road in the world, but no luck, by this point we were completely soaked though, shoes everything!

At about 6.45 we admitted defeat, and wondered to K-Mart to have a potter, i grabbed some cheap trainers as i had had cheap plimsoles on from primark and had all but fallen part and some socks.

Anyway i didnt find it.


Well, im terrible for having a bee in my bonnet so i thought id try and get to Michael's like i said no car so had to try and figure it out, so i went on google maps and found one on Turkey Lake Road wasnt so far so somehow i convinced rob to get a taxi there, knowing there as a Walmart near by and the possibility he might find some dvds he was after off we went.

Michaels i think can only be compared to Hobby Craft in style/layout BIG chain shop selling everything really.

But it was fabby here, alot of it i had seen before had a whole isle for K & CO and a Martha Stewart bit and well lots, not much in the way of paper unless you like paper packs, The Fiskars had a offer on all the stuff for 40% off foolishly i didnt get too Threadwater punches that seem so popular at the moment lol.

But i bought alot really 3d stickers, MM Alpha stickers, Brads, Staples, Stamps, Dymo tape, more Stamps, Ribbon, Pens, Journalling cards.

So here are a few photos.... ok alot

now this did some to quite alot bout £70 ish but i didnt notice the sign that said that would match any discount vouchers for other stores such as JO-anns which i knew i couldnt get to but had a 30% voucher off so major bummer- i did only find this out once i got back to the hotel. but i did get the longest receipt ever with another 20% voucher on woo hoo!

Well after michaels (and dragging rob behind me looking rather upset, he doesnt get mad or shout just goes a bit quiet, guess he didnt expect it to come to that much, but paid it without complaint bless him)
we went to walmart now, i love this shop but didnt really dare buy anything else, but they had a lush alpha stamp i have wanted for ages so i grabbed one and one little chipboard alpha the saving was mad- this is the freeestyle alpha by autumn leaves in one of the photos.

Well a great evening had by all here

hope you like the photos- now where do i put it all and will i ever find Scrappy Boutique, will i go back with my 20% voucher ahhh you have to wait and see lol......

r x


TwinTrouble said...

OMG... you got some fantastic goodies... can't wait to see what you come up with it all!
I'm sure you'll be going back to spend that discount and find the shop... LOL

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

wow - worra lotta stash!

Laura said...

wowey..i'm not jealous (much!!!)

I demand that you share it all with me!!!

L x

rachel said...

of course my lovely

Caryn said...

I went to the Florida Mall when we were there last year but there was no sign of a scrapbooking shop - is it new? Did go to Michaels and totally agree with you - reminded me so much of Hobbycraft. Walmart was great for stash - got loads in there. I hope you have lots of fun stroking all your goodies - not jealous at all!!!


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