Monday, 6 October 2008

next adventure

So after my successful trip to Michaels i was fine and dandy with my purchases for all of 3 days, after emailing the Scrappy Boutique for directions, i was determined to find it, so while rob went to watch the wrestling i took myself off on the hour trip on the bus to the florida mall, this time it was only raining a little bit, i walked and walked and eventually stopped someone for directions, i just asked for Target which is next to it as no one had heard of the shop.

After about 20 ish mins and feeling a little soggy i got there hurray!!!!!!!

The were most lovely there and got me a bottle of water coz i was knackered, and i had a potter, they had lots of new stuff, xmas lines, halloween, cosmo cricket, magazines, books, the hugest cropping area at the back of the shop.
I mainly came for paper and got tons of the new basic greys and xmas lines, cant think what companies they are now, but i got tons of thickers inc the new foil ones and puffy ones which are most fun.

I grabbed quite alot of stamps, never have too many journalling stamps i say.

anyway enough of this now for photos!

Pretty exciting stuff i thinks, so once i was done in SB i thought id have a little look in Target which is quite like walmart so i took so photos of some of the scrappy isles, to show what they have.

pretty impressive for your local supermarket huh? well this rather nice looking tote i kept going back to look at and thinking is it too big for the cases hmmmmmmm!

I'm weak of course i got it

now is this the end....................

course not!


Linda Elbourne said...

Excuse me while I drool :0)

TwinTrouble said...

WOW Rach... you got sooo much... I'm not jealous... Honest :)

I see you got the Laundry Line 'Life' Journal Stamp too... I've just posted pic's of mine on my blog with a few others... they stamp really nice!

Claireliz said...

Wow, Rachel, how much stash?, that is so fabulous, looks like you had a brilliant time. I'm off to plan a little holiday I think :)

Claire x

Jazzy1972 said...

Soooooooooo Jelous, shopping in the US, I want to play. Well done you what a fab lot of stuff.
Jay xx

jay670120 said...


Kerry said...

Did you take an extra suitcase to put it all in? Fab stash.

Caryn said...

I'm so glad you finally got there. Determined or what?!!! Looks like it was well worth the effort though - your stuff looks ultra-lush!

~Vicki~ said...

WOW gorgeous stash!!! mmm a wee bit jealous over here xx

Elizabeth said...

I did this in January and I had SO much fun - love all your purchases - the papers look scrummy!


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