Monday, 7 July 2008

Time after Time.

Well the first prompt came in today for Shimelle new class and im loving it already, my main focus really no matter what it was about to try and scrap some photos i already had, the first 'section' was time and how time is shown in your home.

This is my fish clock and i love it- i got it with my first wage packet when i was 16! so its nearly 10 this clock and i love it, it may not be grown up or anything but i think its great.

This is our living room clock which is pretty, rob cant read this clock at all has to have numbers which amuses me.

this is the kitchen clock we rarely use it as its not normally right to be honest along with the timer that beeps the quietest beep you have ever heard and the light on the extractor.

However.... as i want to use old photos that ive been meaning to scrap i see time as something a bit different

this is paddington bear and its my sisters she has had this for as long as i can remember so shows time to me.

this was my last pencil tin at school i found it when i last went home, forever friends so very 90s and its covered with boyzone stickers, esp stephen gately coz he was lush!

and these are some of my favourite photos my bestest friend in the world as i grew up, who i still miss dearly.

loving this prompt so far and we have to blog about our thought and our photos on it daily so i will enjoy that.


Beautifullily said...

Some great photos there Rachel, you'll have plenty to choose from

CloClo said...

Nice to see you caved and joined up to the class too! You have some great clocks in your house - mine are SO not as pretty as yours xxx

Chiara said...

Just popping over from Shimelle's and i love love that fish clock it is so fun

valerie said...

fabtake on the prompt love the stephen gately pics in the tinmy school books used to be covered with starsky and hutch pics


Emma said...

Oh my gosh i LOVE the fish clock. So much fun! Just popping in from Shimelle's website, you've made a great start on the class.

Rhona said...

I love that you've given a different take to the TIME theme with your end photos. Your clocks are great - I know a couple of people in my house who'd have a problem with the flower clock too ;o)

{Lara} said...

Cute, cute fish and flower clocks!

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Fab photos. Love the fish clock! I've not taken my clock photos yet, but have just remembered I have a Noddy clock from my childhood lurking somewhere!

Linda Elbourne said...

Great photos there Rachel!

Michelle said...

Oh, love the fish clock and that pencil tin! =) Lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the monster draw, too! Happy day. =)

Selina_C said...

Love that fish looks very touchy-feely!

Like the idea of scrapping teenage pop crushes as a way of marking time...mine would have been Paul Young and Nik Kershaw, shows my age!

Anita said...

Great blog and I love your photos for Shimelles prompt.


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