Sunday, 6 July 2008

OK I GAVE IN! ... as i knew i would

Naturally a new shimelle class comes up and i have to be apart of it, not quite sure what the class is all about, but looking forward to it, hoping it will allow me use some of the 1000s of photos i have just sat waiting to be scrapped. first post goes live tomo, so as ever i have to get them after work-darn my stupid job and darn it more for not having wifi so i cant take my laptop


Kerry said...

Ooohhh another Shimelle class I must go and have a look.

Trina said...

lol so you did sercombe!

Tinkerbelle said...

Hello, so sorry not been around foe a while.. thngs been a little tough here xxx Good luck with the Shimelle Project xxxx and just loving the LO of Lola xxxx


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