Sunday, 20 July 2008

Camping Fun

So this weekend camping hasnt gone quite to plan, and im blaming it on the crappy british weather, and it not stopping raining, we knew our tent as cheapy and tiny but that was fine but we didnt think it would leak, after a LLLOONNGGG walk to keswick for a meal we came back to our tent to find it dripping, so tried to put up my sisters which is what we were using orginally until we thought a pop up tent would be easier lol, after 30 mins battling in the rain at 10pm we gave up and used the top sheet bit to give us a extra layer, but it just kinda squashed us even more. it wasnt until the morning we started to be really wet, when we woke up we were very wet and its was still raining. so we gave it up as a bad job and just went home lol.

it hasnt put us off but we should of had a practise run of the tent first and have had nicer weather, i still had fun though and will do it again maybe not as far as 2 1/2 was quite a way, and when its sunnier.

peggin down our tiny tent.

a bit of a squeeze

outside our tent, before all the other 100 tents showed up

the clouds were pretty heavy

not the greatest photo but makes me laugh how silly we look

using our lovely new Gorilla Pod to take this photo, everyone needs on of these.

lovely view from our campsite at CastleRigg Farm

Our very squashed tent with my sister top cover bit over to try and keep the rain out hmmm- just ended up squashing us so we couldnt even sit up

We in robs parents back garden drying the tent out

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