Monday, 23 June 2008

Ive Been Tagged!

Five facts:

Ten years ago: I was 15 1/2- still at school, very much into seeing my friends, going shopping on saturdays, still really quiet when i was at school, not really into boys and just kinda kept my head down, to keep out of the way of the mean people.

Five things in todays 'to do list':
1: Go to work- have lunch at the courtyard for suzannes leaving do
2: Do some birthday shopping for rob and my sister
3: Pot the plants my dad grew for me
4: Locate my desk from under all the crap that has been heaped on top of it
5: Give lola some TLC

5 Snacks I enjoy: Ham, Cheese, snack a jacks are my new favourite yum!

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
1: Quit my job
2: go and see my sis in australia
3: Take care of my family and friends
4: buy rob shares in Disney
5: Buy and house and loads of lovely animals, dog, rabbit,etc

5 Places I have lived:
1: Newton Aycliffe x 3
2: Lincolnx3- uni
3: Leeds-Armley
4: Leeds- City Centre
5:? who knows

and thats it, everyone i know has been tagged i think :(


Susy Rudy said...

I haven't been tagged Rach :(

fascinating info though!!!! You are just so young (or you make me feel old!!!) not sure which :lol:

Jay said...

Interesting to read all this stuff, and you so young!

daydreamer said...

your just a baby Rach,!!! i'm 34 now, fab facts about you though :)


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