Sunday, 22 June 2008

Crazy 36 hrs!


So odd kind of weekend, i went home back to Aycliffe on friday night had a yummy meal and visited my sister, Saturday i went to the Scrapbook Shop which is in Durham and got some little bits then on to Hamsterley Forest. We got quite lost and it was chucking it down, luckily we were in robs parents car and they have 100s of brolleys in there so we picked our favourite and headed into the forest.

So some very worthy scrapping photos there i think, next we did a food shop in tesco very exciting got rob few holiday bits, and headed home for home made chicken soup and cookies yum! then on to see my granny and grandad

then on to leeds, had about 4 trips back and forth to the flat with all of our food shopping- making the most of having the car.
Checked the fish were all alive - and they were hurray!

then went to see lola! there as red plastic everywhere and she had escaped, i couldnt believe it one night we go away and she was gone! We searched everywhere pulled the sofa out, my desk all my craft stuff the TV everything under the bed the drawers everything!

We gave in at 1am and left food for her hoping she would come out, i went to bed with a very heavy heart, having lost my last hamster henry when he escaped and fell off the bench his cage was on- THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rob woke me up at 4AM!!!! holding little lola she has ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can not tel you how relieved we were we love this little thing so much. and where was she???????

of course under the SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!! rob heard a really loud noise and after he had pulled the front off the shower there she was as right as rain!

she was a little quiet thought not going crazy like normal, she just drank and drank when she got in and is looking ok- she got up again this morning so hoping she will be ok.

then came the problem she had broken her cage there are 2 caps to add tubes thats what she has chewed through- i dont know how she has pulled the bathroom door to get in it its quite heavy.

Anyway we had a mad dash to the pet shop this morning to get her a new cage b4 rob started work, so all seems to be well- will love her in when she gets up this evening-

but now with rob at work i have to put our little house back together and clean at the same time :(

thanks to all on uks for there help and support when i posted a desperate post thanks guys!!!!!!!


TwinTrouble said...

Glad she was found safe and sound... but I don't envy your cleaning task... good luck :)

You've got some fantastic photo's and hope you enjoyed your time at 'home' :)

Linda Elbourne said...

Glad you found her safe and sound! Good Luck with the tidying though! Fab photos XXX

Susy Rudy said...

Fantastic photos of you and Rob - very impressed.

Delighted Lola is back safe and sound.

Your pictures of the flat whilst searching for her made me giggle - hope you get tidied up soon.


Paige said...

Looks like you had a lovely day out and a nice with with your Grandparents! Thank heavens you found lola safe and well. how did she manage to get under the shower?? it's amazing the tiny places they can squeeze into!

daydreamer said...

Oh Rach! what a drama! glad you got Lola back safe & well, years ago when i lived in a flat, my hamster escaped, went down the floorboards, into the flat below, then through the electric cupboard into the main hallway!! ( i actually heard her scratching all the way up in my flat in the middle of the night (weird!!) went down & found her in the hall cupboard right as rain!! :) bless her! don't envy you tidying up though!. great rainy day pics too

voodoo vixen said...

I am so pleased little Lola turned up safe and sound - no matter how small they are, they take a big chunk of our hearts.... :)

Claire aka Feline said...

Some nice black & white shots with the umbrella, really fun :)

Aww glad little lola was found safe and sound, they don't half make you worry these little furry friends of ours :) xxx

Beautifullily said...

Hope peace, calm and tranquility have returned to your home! Glad Lola's safe - our furry friends like to worry us!

Terrena said...

Love the piccys, especially the one of you in sepia!

And the pics of your flat upside, what a nightmare!

Glad she has been found safe n sound.

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

so glad Lola is afe - and looks like apart from losing her you had a great weekend!! Donna x

Tinkerbelle said...

wow... the great escape xxxx great photo's in the park xxx

mmwwaahh211 said...

Lovin the photos, you should do a multi photo LO with loads of them on. They are very cool and arty! fab!

Also....I have tagged you!!! Check out my blog for the deets x

Kerry said...

Alls well that ends well.

Good luck with the cleaning.


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