Friday 8 July 2016

What's on my needles

I've been lacking in blogging but here I am. Knitty chat. 

This week I've worked on tons of different projects and therefore feel I've got nowhere. Alas here we go

I've been knitting a cardigan for Theo. It's just needs the button band picking up but I appear to be completely putting it off in favour of more fun things. 

I cast on and turned a heel on a pair of Rose city roller socks in a fine fish yarns 

I started another (my 4th) Tan House Brook Shawl using Norah George and stripes from The Knitting Goddess. Loving how this is working up. 


 got this scrummy yarn on the post from Qing Fibres 

I picked up my watermelon socks 
And turned the heel 
I started the Dotted Rays shawl and then stopped and then started in a different colour. 

I survived a cinema trip with both children and knit 2 inches on my sock!!

I took my boy to knit night where he despaired of the amount of projects I took wth me 

I took a gorgeous photo of my Theo. He's had his 12 weeks injections today and was still smiling. 

And that's my knitty week so far. 

In other news we made cakes, I tried to sell a ton of things on eBay and FB 

 Think that's about it round here. I'm aiming to do quick short updates as and when I can so my blog doesn't die a slow painful death like lots of blogs 

Be back soon 

1 comment:

faith76 said...

Good to read your blog post and you look very very busy. I like all the projects you have on the go. Leah x


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