Tuesday 31 May 2016


Turns out I work quite well to a deadline, well a knitting one ( don't get me started on photobox deadlines). 

Anyway, I've been doing a little collage each month of all the things I've made. 

Last week I finished some shorty things that's all I had!! I know new baby, toddler, no sleep it's hardly a surprise, I do know that but alas I wanted more. 

A couple weeks ago I got loads of progress on 2 cardigans for Martha, like loads and then just left them. So I thought I wanted to get one done. So I picked Hyphen. 

So me and my little dude had some play time/knitting time and I got the body cast off. 

He did ALL the sleeping yesterday so I cracked on with the sleeves
This was the sleeping 

This was the sleeve

I thought I best wait till Martha was up to check how much longer to go

Turns out I did well and it just needed the cuff!! Win! 

And then Theo slept all evening , he slept here! And I did the other sleeve!!! 

So I was like oh well I have another day before the end of the month I wonder if I can finish the other cardigan I started. 

Turns out Theo did not get the memo about sleeping at night time! Oh and in the day today ( swings and roundabouts) so we snuggled and watched a new to me podcast The Stranded Podcast 

You don't need to know ALL the things I tried. 
Oh I lie he managed a cheeky 15mins so I ironed some fabric to make a bag, and prepped some fabric. 

I tried the cardigan on Martha when she got up and it looked great. 

Anyway. He finally went to sleep about 3.30 
So I knit knit knit while he slept on me. 
Did a bit of cheeky sewing after tea for 15mins. 

It's 10.30 now and he's been fed a couple times and changed a couple times but is still asleep so I got the Entrechat finished. Yay. 

And I added the buttons to the Hyphen as my tin was out 

And somewhere during this day I made a project bag! 

So today was naf I won't lie, lack of sleep and then spending all day trying to get a baby to sleep is also a bit naf but obviously part of having babies but while I maybe should have been in bed at 7 when Martha went I didn't and I got stuff finished and now going to bed feeling s bit awesome that I got some much done, instead of frustrated I couldn't finish them coz I needed pesky sleep. 

So tomorrow is another day and another month so need to think what I want to 'focus' on finishing or starting and I'm tempted by this whole stash dash thing. Right I really must get to sleep I'm not that stupid. Bon Nuit X

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