Sunday 18 June 2017

Exploration Station

Introducing my latest FO, the Exploration Station by Stephen West.

Man I LOVE this thing, seriously its so nice.

Its the biggest shawl I own and i didn't think I would like such a giant shawl but I love it.

Picking the colours was pretty tricky and the brioche bit wasn't my favourite because its quite conerntratey (yes thats a word) so i ended up having a little help. The slip stitch bit was a bit endless but I'm thrilled with the finished result.

I think i will definitely knit another but might do different stitch patterns or even just pure garter coz i love the shape. 

Friday 2 June 2017

Knock knock, anyone there?

Hello, its me, I know it has been a while, how are you?

So whats been happening here? just busy busy kid stuff, knitting stuff etc

So my little baby turned one!

I  know over in a flash, they say it goes fast with your first but thats not on a patch on your second.

and yes he is as gorgeous as ever.

My girl is also doing awesome, we had a lovely little family party at my sisters on the big day. 

What else? I went on a knitting weekend away in the lakes with some of my knit night buddies which was a bit lovely.

It was super sunny, this was early April, we just sat on a hill all day, it was awesome.

we did sock knitting at the pub

oh and i love this photo

Oh yes easter, we had lots of fun easter things, little easter egg hunt and a trip to my parents new caravan.

we had lots of fun at baby rave

oh my babies are gorgeous!

we went to piglets farm in york which was loads of fun, a pricey day out but lots of fun

my friend Emily had a beautiful baby boy called Arthur, and i made him some stuff including this blanket

i finished a awesome jumper this is Camaro, i love it and have already cast on another 

I went to the sling library and ended up coming away with a sling for my big girl

we went on a gruffly hunt at Hardwick Hall 

So my boy had his first days at nursery this week as I'm back at work next week! I know I've been off a while but you know last maternity leave and all and yeh lots of big changes, these is crawling everywhere and very very fast now so yeh life has changed quite a lot, he's very different to martha so i have had to up my game a little.

martha continues to be a absolute delight and is the best big sister, like seriously it couldn't have worked out better this having another baby business, coz you know it could have gone a lot worse.

this boy loves to eat, we had a trip to Harewood House recently on a very very hot day.

And lastly my gorgeous boys, Theo has ruined most of Robs tops by stretching the neck holes.

But yeh lots of lovely happy days with my gorgeous family and my gorgeous yarn lol.

Anyone going to the Wool Show tomorrow in Armley? Ill be there with my sister and my little people so say hi if you see us.

Hope to speak soon, wish my luck for my first 'week' back, its gonna be tough and will take me a while t find my feet so hopefully not as 'bad' as I'm hoping.

Saturday 4 March 2017

Learning stuff

Hi all, so I haven't been able to update my blogger app which is why I'm not really blogging, if anyone knows how to fix it that would be awesome.

So what have I been up to? the usual, looking after these little monkeys who are growing up insanely fast.

This dude is one next month! 1 WHAT!

we've had some freezing park days and getting out and about. 

So knitting wise I've finished a few things,

This is Flax Light which I knit out of fancy left over yarn from my camp side cardigan. 

of course he looks gorgeous. 

I've been knitting up a sock storm lately, using my Fab funky fibres, i did a afterthought heel here but isn't the best fit. 

So i tried something new and did a  new to me design, just vanilla but this one has a german short row heel, I used this pattern 

I haven't been really 'into' learning new things as its hard work and when you only get a little time its a pain to learn and do things wrong, but I've been trying to stop being lazy with it.

And they fit great, i am all about the coloured toe at the min which you will see. 

So in the interest of learning new things, this pair of socks are toe up which is pretty new to me, i think I've done it once, i did the Judys magic cast on, and THEN i did another new heel, the fish lips kiss heel.

And i love them they are a great fit, i have kinda lived in these since i finished them. 

This is another fab funky fibres, which was a 50g skein so with added toes and heels it makes a full pair of socks. 

These were a january pair and i did a short row heel for these but again my 2 new ones are such a better fit.

So I also knit my boy his first Owlet just using style craft which is a bit gorgeous.

Look at my little beauties, geez i could eat them up.

I am 'still' on mat leave but been popping into work for 'keeping in touch' days of KIT days so thats been ok for a few hours.

We've been going to baby sensory for a few months now which i do with theo when martha is at nursery

What else, ah yes i made a little knitty corner in my room, ah remember the days i had a whole room, though to be fair a good chunk of my yarn is still in Theo's room. 

 I got these awesome baskets from random i know, at first i thought they would be huge but turns out i have a fair bit of indie dyed yarn, who knew.

and this is just next to my bed so i can see it all the time. 

So there you go if you want to follow my knitting antics then i am over on instagram as rewardingmemories.

OOOOHHHH speaking of knitting, I am going to the EDINBURGH YARN FESTIVAL next week! with some knit night friends, we are going on the Friday on the early early train! If you see me say hi!

These are my sock plans for March, yet more fab funky fibres and Norah George yarn and five moons minis.

i had my little helpers winding it for me. 

Im trying super hard to finish my old project to wear for the festival my dotted rays 

i have 7 rows a day to have it done, i didn't do my 7 yesterday coz i was selling loads of the kids clothes to fund Edinburgh alas must keep trying.

Right thats loads for now, will try not to be as long next time.

right i have 14 rows to do! Yikes! 


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