Sunday 31 January 2016

Campside Cardi

Hi all. I thought I would show you a epic FO today. I must sort out my 2015 round up and 2016 goals before it gets to late but I'm sure you appreciate its a bit of a giant job. 

Anyway I managed to finish my campside cardi in the last couple of weeks so thought I would share the photos. 

It's great for a pregnant belly lol

So there you go. I'm really pleased with how it looks even with the skein that didn't match at all. I loved knitting it and it's much more fun than endless amounts of stocking stitch. I would say it's a easy pattern, just lots of YO so I just used lots of stitch markers and it was fine. I'm pleased with the length as its quite long. 

I have a little yarn left which I might be able to squeeze something little baby sized out of. 

In other news as have painted baby boys nursery this week and said goodbye to my craft room. All my yarn has to stay there as there is no where else but lots of scrappy things have moved to wardrobes etc which was quite tough but it's been about 2 years since I scrapped, but never say never right?? 

I've picked up a old WIP I started on September so been powering on on my
Third Tan House Brook shawl. 

I am now just 4 rows and a cast off away so hoping to get that done today. And then I have some socks to fix as I accidentally used the wrong sized needle on the day I did about 4" on them. Yes  mad. 

Right best go get those 4 rows done. 
Oh and February tomo my last full
Month at work till baby yikes. 

Catch you soon X

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Andi G said...

Your campside is beautiful! Love that this cardigan will serve as a cozy reminder of your baby belly. :)


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