Monday 16 November 2015

Tiny Lush

So another FO I got done is Martha's Lush I have been dragging my feet with this and I should have as its super cute.

She's getting harder to photograph lately.

But this is her playing in my mams garden though she said it was Too cold mammy, windy! Yes but you need photos of your cardigan!

This is her talking to daddy! Yes she thinks every Gnome and fairy and statue and anything like that is daddy, we have no idea where this came from but she had a whole conversation with him. 

I used drops merino in the dk, because i am stupid i didn't use the same dyelot, I have had lots of bother with this lately and i didn't realise till i blocked it, boo hiss!

One thing i need to do is do a crochet row to pull it on at the neck as it looks a bit like its falling off her shoulders so i must get that done.

This was our first attempt at photos, we went to Chapel Allerton to Baa Ram Ewe, she was grumpy and would not pose but I live this one and obviously AMAZING outfit!

And she carried my bag for me hee hee! 
She did great but then announced she was done! All done wool shop mammy she said more shops bye bye wool. She's so darn funny she just kills me

I have her Antler to work on still and the Wowligan so must crack on with them before i start babys knits. 

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