Sunday, 12 June 2016

Leeds Wool Festival

So last weekend was Leeds Wool Festival, I went last year with my mam and my sister and it was a nice little festival and obviously very local, I wasn't really planning on going, hadn't made up my mind. Then my friend said she would meet me and help with the kids (yes it still feels completely weird to say that).

On the morning of the festival my sister decided to come too.

We got off to a slow start coz of this sleepy head.

We parked at Kirstall where the cinema is as the actual car park was super busy and tiny last year, Theo was in is Caboo sling which is a new one to me, i had a moby with martha and never got on with it, but with martha in the smallest pushchair we have (we have 3, don't judge) we were off.

There were 2 cute lambs outside which Martha thought was great, as you can see it was pretty cloudy at lunch time when we arrived. 

We had a little look around the stalls, we actually ditched the pushchair round the stalls, my girl is not a big walker at all and has actually just passed the year mark for walking, well yeh its hard work.

My sister bought me this cute badge, complete adapt for my life at the minute 

Knitting to keep sane

My boy got a lot of attention in the sling which apparently happens everywhere i go coz he's so cute and snuggly.

Yeh this girl wanted to get in on the carrying action too which i managed long enough for a photo lol. 

As I mentioned we met up with my friend Gwen so we went back for a proper look while my sister took martha for a ice cream and to see the lambs again, safe to say my sis didn't get to see so much, doh!

It had really warmed up so we headed for a bit of shade and for Theo to have a bit of a kick and a bit of milk. 

Ah here he is, he got quite hot in his babygro so we took it off and he had a kick on the grass with my lovely new yarn. 

Look how gorgeous he is, i love this pic

My sis took a cute pic of us, it was a lovely day and i saw lots of knit night people and a couple of old friends, Gwen teaches at my local shop and the surrounding area and she knows everyone so that was nice. 

All the bunting was up and very pretty.

We stopped at the Alpapcas on the way back to the car.
We had a great day and both babies were really good. What could have been a bit of a nightmare turned out to be a awesome fun day with my knitting people.

This is a little look at the yarn i got, just a gorgeous pinky red super soft yarn and this is for a hat for martha.


And i got this from Ba'tat they were one of the first handdyed
    yarns i bought, i thought this was quite a different colour so grabbed it.

So there you go, in normal life my days are busy busy busy and i am trying to knit here and there and trying to finish some projects to get some new projects on the needles.

right thats all for now 

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