Monday, 11 April 2016

Pebble Beach Shawl

Hi all. So one of my pre baby goals was to finish my pebble beach shawl. It was a bit shawl with long old rows and fiddly 'lace' and I knew that it would be left. 

Anyway.  I worked and worked and worked. And it's done!!! 

My sister v v kindly blocked it for me ( one step too far for my giant belly) 

Yesterday we went to the farm so I took my shawl to get some pics. 

Pretty isn't it. It's big but really shallow. Is it called crescent shaped? 

Cute isn't it. Really pleased with the photos too. 
So glad to have this finished. 

I got a couple of bumpy pics too. 

I'm so nearly there. Yay! I'm still stupidity poorly, I'm pretty sure I'll be having this baby with a completely blocked ear ( seriously I can't hear) and a stupid heavy cold. It just won't go. Yes I'm fed up. 

But you best fake smile and nice family pic 

I'm excited about what's to come with our little family it's so lovely right now that it can only get more awesome.

I'm hoping to pre blog a few posts but my blog is a bit all over the place so never mind. 

Talk soon x

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