Saturday, 12 December 2015

Giant plans

Thank you for your congrats on my baby boy news. I have to say I am still quite in shock, obviously a 50/50 chance but I think when you have one you assume the next will be the same. 

So this week I've lived on ravelry or wool websites or the like. Seriously 5.30 on Tuesday morning I was on ravelry. 

I'm just dojng a wuxik post on my phone so don't have any links but they are all in my queue on ravelry and my username is Reward. So I'm gonna hit you with photos and ideas and stuff. Ok? 

I love love this. It's Little Coffee Bean, I've made this many times and basically casting on these exact colours. 


What else ? 

This is cute too. I think it's all about the colours really. And by everything has to be blue right?  I like brights. 

I pulled out Martha's box of knitwear that didn't fit and this is what I've come up with that will work for baby boy. 

Not many. 

I won't pretend I'm not a bit sad not to use some of these beauties again. 

But maybe they will have another life with close friends, so many memories on them. 

Blanket ideas are also throwing me. 

My current plan is a knitted chevron one and a crochet one. I'm thinking 'boy colours' for one and rainbow for the other. 

And yes I did buy some wool. I got the new stylecraft colours, some are nicer than others. I love mustard and pistachio are lovely. The blue is nice too but I forget the name. 

I love big merino and just needed a few more boy colours as lots of mine are pinks or purples. 

The blue 4ply merino is for the Playful Cardigan by Tincan knits, they have tons of good boy/baby/matchy patterns. 

I played about with my yarn pegs the other day and quite like this. Thou I need to wrap a few more that I have. 

My little helper was quite interested in them. 

This is one I made my friend in the summer and has always been a favourite. 

I will prob just stick to granny stripe. I would love a ripple or a Elmer style or the corner to corner that Little Tin Bird does but I'm not 'clever' enough. I'm
Not good at learning new things lol. 

I went to knit night tbe other day with no projects. None. I normally take about 5 for a 2.5hr trip lol. I did take yarn though. 

I bought a navy to team with this gorgeous green which I had left over from a cardigan I knit my friends son. It's Snuggly and I think it's called little gem. Or something like that. 

It's coming along well. Hoping to tie the sleeves off today. 

So that's what I've been doing this week as well as the usual work, looking after my child. 
We've just come back from a great week at center Parcs so I will share some pics ASAP. 

This popped up on my timehop today. Another knit that can't be used but can use the pattern again which is a win

Oh and I had my Christmas work party last night. 

Getting pretty bumpy. I had someone tell
Me yesterday I was tiny and someone else say I was really big. People are funny arent they?? 

Right best get back to knitting. Oh I mean looking after my child lol 

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faith76 said...

Happy belated congratulations on your baby boy news. Very exciting times xxx


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