Monday, 6 April 2015

Central Park Hoodie

Hello all, i have been meaning to blog for ages but here I am, I hope you have had a lovely Easter, i have had a lovely few days, my photos haven't uploaded to my laptop to i can't show you yet lol.

I have however got my photos of my finally finished Central Park Hoodie

So here it is yay!

I have winged the collar and really pleased with how it turned it, i used 1 ball of giant comedy wool, you know those that are bigger than your head.

Its quite a snug fit which i like as everything is quite baggy these days (having lost some weight)

I apparently having looked through iPhoto i have a TON of finished objects to show you so will try and schedule a few things and try harder.

1 comment:

Barb Baines said...

Nice job and it looks great on you!


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