Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pumpkin season.

Sorry I've been meaning to blog for days and days. I am in full my baby girl is one in a few days mode so excuse me if I randomly start crying lol. 

I thought I would share a few things I have been making just to show I do still make stuff lol. 

It is pumpkin season here. 
So first up I made one for my friends little boys first birthday. 

Martha's modelling it here. 

So this is Fin in the hat I made him when he was born and in his new hat. 
I love seeing the babies in things I've made. 

I have knit one for my cousins daughter who I am seeing tomo (it's Martha's birthday party tomo) 

Obviously very similar. 

I started one for my friends new baby Sam the other day. 
So yes busy pumpkin knitting. And these are the yarns I tend to use. I like to use Aran as I often have a fair few to do and they go quicker. 

I've been having a big sort in my craft room. I was lucky enough to snap this offer up. 

So I have been sorting. Lots of sorting. Just trying to keep it a bit neater. 

So I now have. 
Commercial 4ply (& a basket of hand dyed) 
Bamboo type yarn 
Random Dk
Nicer dk
2 tubs of stylecraft


Random Aran
Nicer Aran
Giant comedy balls of Aran
Super chunky 
Box of planned projects for me, in bags with patterns etc
Box of planned projects for Martha

So yeh that took a while. The rest of the room is still completely upside down. 

I did however finish my socks I started in June!! I love them. The yarn is Fab Funky Fibres. I love me some self striping. 

I may have treated myself to a little yarny goodness lately as I have been selling so much stuff. 

This arrived yesterday. Yummy. The merino is on offer at the min and I love it. It's very soft thou grows quite a bit during blocking. 

We went out for tea last night to celebrate the start of Robs 8 days off yay and kick of Martha's birthday celebrations to which there are many 

She's so lovely. 
And I couldn't resist a nearly this time last year. 
Martha was 5 days old here. 

Right best go. Off up north to bake ready for the party tomo. 

Wrote this on Saturday. And it won't post. 

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