Sunday, 4 May 2014

Down South

I feel like i have loads to catch up on, we have been quite busy or doing fun things lately which is all good. 

A few weeks ago we went on a little road trip down south to the lovely Katy's wedding.

We don't go south very often lol and this was mart has first long car trip

A lovely new shop has opened in Oakwood in Leeds Jackrabbits so I made this plate as a wedding present. 

Martha snoozed on the way for about 1.5 hours of the 4 hour journey 

so i did my knitting 

We arrived in good time at the hotel 

and headed to the church 

Martha had a very pretty dress and her lovely lace cardigan my mam made her. 

The wedding was at 2.30 so right on nap time so we were a bit worried. 

But thankfully she slept through most of it 

It was fab to see my lovely friends again, we all seem to have had babies recently so its very difficult to get together. 

I went and hung out with Laura and her girls at the back of the church. 

And here we all are, well not all of us but some of us, you may recognise a few familiar faces.
Laura, me, Jen, Leanne, and Sally. 

We all stay in touch online so it was great to see them in real life again it had been over a year when we were all pregnant last march.

So Martha met Laura's 'new' baby Emily. 

they liked wacking each other lol 

the 'scrapbook' girls were called for a pic lol, like any of us scrap anymore lol

there is an official one of this but i can't find it. That is abi at the front lauras oldest girl. 

The village hall was lovely

And the bride looked gorgeous 

Martha did well but by tea time was flagging a bit 

For the guest book they had printed out a photo book with all of the guests pictures, ours were all our scrappy weekends away which was awesome. 

more arm waving from the babies. 

Emily is a june baby so a little older than martha, martha was in her pjs by this point as rob was taking her back to the hotel early. 

we did a little dancing. 

and did some grp pics 

And of course there was an awesome Photo Booth yay!

even martha got in on it. 


I do not need to tell you have fun it wasn't having martha sleeping in with us again, especially in a strange bed with a heavy cold, it was a long night. 

jen stayed over at the same hotel so we all had breakfast together in the morning. 

So there you go, we had such a lovely day. 

On the way home we stopped off some where pretty so i will share that with you next time. 

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