Thursday, 24 April 2014

Knits n stuff

Hi all. Just a little update with my wooly things. Rob has had a couple days off so I've been making the most of it and knitting as much as I can.

I made it to knit night last week. Which was nice it falls right in tea time/bath/bed time and I have to wait till Rob is on a 3pm finish so yeh I rarely make it. But at nice to go and switch off and just talk wool for a bit.

I have been working hard on my socks as they have been on the needles far too long.

I powered through the second one.

And got them both kinda done. I've been doing the afterthought heel lately which I like as it's less time consuming than a normal heel.

I kept trying them on

And at last they were finished.


I'm really pleased with them and like that they aren't just a vanilla sock. Can't link on my phone but they are on Ravelry. I used knit picks which I really like, it's super soft.

I always finished a blanket for a friend the other day, she's having a surprise so tried to keep it neutral

I have a couple more neutral baby blankets to do for some July babies. I've started one so just need to get going. I've got a couple knits for Martha on the go and one I finished recently which we need to block and photograph.

Right that's all for now.
Chat soon x

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