Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Hi all. Sorry been having phone problems which has stopped me blogging.

So last Friday the Olympics started, and as with the previous Olympics Ravelry are holding the Ravellenics.

Basically you push yourself to make something during the games, if making a pair of mitts is pushing yourself then that's great.
I'm trying to finish a jumper I started last August. I did literally 90% in one mental day but have worked on that & only that since Friday.

So it started like this. Oh this is the Driftwood Pattern. So yes I have a huge amount done.

So I placed stitch markers everyday I started so I could track how much I had done.

Hard To see but I did a couple inches the first night.

I did another couple inches the next 2 evenings.

So now it's looking like this. I has increased some stitches to accommodate my new erm shape we will call it. But I want maybe another 4 inches then the rib so it doesn't ride up.

So yes that's what I have been up to lately. And obviously looking after a little baby lol
What are you knitting??

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