Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My little lamb

I know you like to see pics of my gorgeous girl so I thought I would come and quickly share some of her latest pics

We headed to a dairy farm for ice cream. Well hot chocolate and took Martha to see the cows.


Do u like her new snowsuit? My little lamb

Now these are my fave

She's so gorgeous.

I have no clue how she is 5mths at the weekend, I swear my body feels like I just gave birth lol
We are in full teething mode so some days ( not all of them) are l-o-n-g but you know she's cute lol.

That's all for now. Be back to update you on my ravellenics knitting should anyone be interested

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jess said...

Beautiful pics! Looking forward to seeing your progress with the Ravellenics

jess said...

Beautiful pics! Looking forward to seeing how you are getting on with the ravellenics

WCC said...


hotpotato said...

She is gorgeous Rachel, such big bright eyes.


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