Friday, 17 January 2014

Project life talk

I am still trying to scrap around the whole looking after a baby and wanting to knit and now wanting to read. 
I am trying. I take stacks of photos a day. 
I have been really good in printing them out, I often collage them on in my phone using Pic Frame and then I print then at Tesco. They are 40p each which is bonkers but it means I keep up to date. 
So I have 'several' page protectors all ready with all of the photos cut out & in some cases I have the PL journal cards inserted too. 

As they weeks have ticked by or speeded by at an insane rate I have obviously got further and further behind. 
So I decided if you don't just sit down and do the bloody thing then it's never going to get done. I stress far far too much s out being behind & catching up. I normally take it ( my bag of PL stuff) to my folks when I know there are people to watch Martha but I rarely/never do it. 

We now have some sort of evening back. Martha is in bed but 9 times out of 10 I sit & knit. 

But the other day I decided enough was enough so as rob put Martha to bed I went to my craft room put my audiobook on and didn't move for nearly 3 hours. 

I decided to do the pages for right now. As they had just happened, and worked backwards. So I am caught up on this year. I appear to be doing it in Martha weeks not weeks of the year, so this week is week 16. 

Sorry this is a lot of writing, yes I am pinned under a sleeping baby lol 

So this is some of this week. I'm also finding that if I'm doing it the week it happens then I remember more. This week Martha has learnt to use her feet and arch her back to move along the changing mat. It's awesome! Well in a nice dangerous you are going to fall way. But I don't have a photo of it. So how will I possibly remember she started that this week. I normally do a bit of a weekly roundup on my phone in Notes, to sag Martha has done this, her sleep has been like this this week etc And I've found that really helpful to jog my memory 

Last week 

I am hoping this approach will make me write more, you don't always need the photos. 

Week 14 was my birthday. 

I'm trying not to let it take ages. Some pages like Xmas are just endless photos and they don't need journaling. 

So after I caught up on these 3 weeks I felt better. I won't say I slept better or anything as dramatic as that but I felt better. 
So last night I did 45 mins knitting 
And then moved myself upstairs and tied to attempt the giant job that is scrapping Christmas 

I'm half way there but hopefully get a little more done soon, maybe not everyday, somedays I very much just want to go to sleep when Martha is in bed. But I'm enjoying it again. Maybe part of that is coz I'm doing it at my desk now, I tend to 'arrange' my photos on the floor when Martha is playing on her mat ( yes I realise these days are numbered) but I'm
Never comfortable on the floor so I'm hopin being at my desk with my actual stuff will help. I also want to pick up 12x12 scrapping again. I pre made lots of pages ready for Martha's arrival and its only now I'm like oh yeah I wanna do that again. 
Right waffled too much. I'm gonna enjoy this cuddle a little longer before I have to take my baby girl for her 3rd set of injections and the day takes a dramatic change to these sleepy silent cuddles lol. 

Have a lovely weekend. X 

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