Monday, 13 January 2014

Baby talk

Hi all. I thought I would do a little Martha update for you all. 
Martha is in a beyond awesome stage. She's fun and smiley and loves playing with toys now. 

She is most happy v first thing in the morning. She's chats and coos and is fabulous 

She is deliciously perfect. Her skin is crazy soft. I love tickling her little chin. 

She has just gone into 3-6 clothed & had some fabulous outfits. This above is a current favourite. 

She has a cold at the min so it's bothering her but she is still happy enough. 

She's such a little character now and makes us laugh. 

We hang out in my room on a morning while she plays then normally naps on me in bed while I read my book or listen to a audiobook. 

Life is changing all the time and I can't wait to see what new things she does next. 


Clareio said...

She looks so much like you! In the second picture especially! so so cute :)

hotpotato said...

so cute.

Hannah2 said...

She is gorgeous! Love those stripped tights!!!!


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