Sunday, 5 May 2013

Best day off ever

Hi all, So on Wednesday I booked my 3 hours off to spend the day with Hubby, we had a lovely day.

We left later than planned despite me being awake and downstairs by 6.30 am 

So off we went to Harrogate

We only had a couple hours there as Rob had to be back for an appointment

So we/I were heading in search of the new Baa Ram Ewe shop, i dont really know Harrogate so used trust old google maps to find the shop. 
Its kinda down the hill then up from Betty's

So here are some pics of the lovely new shop 

it is much bigger than Headingly and seems to stock a few bits more than them. 

Rob really appreciate the seats lol 

The lovely Jo was working that day so that was nice to see a familiar face. 

this is a cardi i am on with working so i inspected it so make sure i was doing it right, i noticed at the weekend it was missing from headingly lol 

The outside of the shop looked great too. 

We did a little bump pic 

and headed back into town for lunch 

Wagamama is a favourite with us, we always get the same and only had 50 mins from sitting down before the car park ran out. 

i always get this, rob always gets chicken catsu curry 

I did a bit of knitting on the way back home. 

After robs appointment we went to sit in our garden which was sunny sunny and had a lolly 

I did my little overgram for my weekly update, 21 weeks seriously where did that come from lol 

The sun made it to the top of the garden and we got the sun lounger out we got a few weeks ago, its pretty low down so im not sure how well i will get on as i get bigger. 

But for now it was pretty sweet. Though i did need a cushion for my back which keeps on hurting which is to be expected i guess. 

As it was so nice we thought we would get the run out for Olive to have a little sit in the fun, Olive has been a house bunny since september when she came in coz she was poorly and if i can talk rob around (im nearly there) she will always be a house bunny, she is so much fun. But yay for gorgeous photos of her in the day light and not stupid flash ones on a night.

Isnt she gorgeous, we had both just attacked her pulling all the loose fur which there was tons so thats why she looks erm hairy

As the sun went in and talked rob to going to the local ish pub for our tea! 

So yes more days like this please, it was pretty darn awesome i have to say. 

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Mel said...

we love going to wagga mamma's in Harrogate. there is a really good sale at the outlet mamas and papas in huddersfield with an extra 10 percent off for bank holiday weekend we brought loads yesterday and saved £300!


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