Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Official Wedding photos part one

So as i have mentioned the hugely talented Shimelle did our wedding photography so here is part one, because there are tons and i couldnt pick

Lets start with the boys who had a little photoshoot while the girls ran around like headless chickens

Dont they look fab?


Ah my flowers and my lovely shoes

Few getting ready shots 

The cutest flower girl in all of the land.

All dressed and ready to go

This is just before i headed down the aisle

Taking their seats

The I do's 

Bit of smooching

Making it official 


One of my favourite photos and one that is hanging on my wall in pride of place

mingling with our lovely friends 

This was our 'Official' photograph and one thats needs printing big and a fancy frame getting. 

my lovely flowers


My completely gorgeous Groom. 


Hannah2 said...

Gorgeous photos!

hotpotato said...

gorgeous photos.

Kate said...

Just catching up on my Google Reader after the crazy of Christmas. Your wedding photos are lovely :-)

Clareio said...

I love the photos, I also love your shoes (and they look to have a very low heel?) mind if i ask where they're from? i can only get away with up to about half an inch for my wedding shoe heels as i'm already almost 5ft11 and my dress is almost exactly the right length!! It's so hard to find nice flats or low heels!


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