Monday, 24 September 2012

Chop chop

Hi all, so I still haven't sorted my photos out yet but thought would come and share these with you!

So I had been growing my hair erm since we got engaged, it got Long!!!
So I decided when we got back from our honeymoon I was gonna cut it off!!

So yes last night long long long!!

Today I took myself in the insane rain to town for a cut!

So yes got it all cut and pretty! Then put my hood back up and walked back in the rain to the car.

Yes I was that happy at this point!
So a bit soggy but here it is

Shorter at the back and longer at the front!

And when it's behind my ears

It looks really short!
So there you go, new name new hair do!!
I'm planning on a few red highlights maybe next month to finish it off.

It was my last day off today, I can't pretend I'm not dreading going back! Onwards and upwards!

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Jackie xxx said...

Love you new look it suits you. Good luck at work tomorrow, I';m sure it will be fine.

hotpotato said...

love your new hair cut really suits you.

Libby said...

Love it - look fabulous.

Jude said...

LOL.... I've just had to scroll back to find a photo of you with long hair! :D Really like the new look - it looks really good on you. Jude.x


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