Thursday, 27 September 2012

American Knitting Stories

Hello, I am very slowly returning to the normal world. I have been completely wiped out this week, like crazy, i haven't knit or anything, so yes very tired. I haven't shared my honeymoon pics yet as we haven't sorted/edited them yet but also haven't shared them with family yet and we were hoping to do that first, well i think so.

So i thought as i am awake i would come and share you all my fun wool adventures i got up to on my honeymoon.

Now people who don't knit think I'm mental to be taking knitting on my honeymoon, (like seriously have these people just met me?) But man there was LOADS of flying on our honeymoon, and I'll be honest part of the appeal of the US was the yarn. Last time we went i didn't knit so i was super excited. So here is my knitting honeymoon story.

So if you have been reading my blog a while and have a freakishly good memory you will remember the pattern Clapotis i made this oh apparently 2010. Well i love that pattern but the one i knit is huge, like huge in a good warm way but i thought i would like a thinner version so i thought i would make one with 4ply.

So that was my plane knitting. I used some yarn i got at Woolfest which I'm quite pleased with. 


This is how much i had got done by the end of the first load of flights.

Manchester> Washington, thinking about it i didn't knit from Washington to LA coz i was asleep.

So it turns out when you don't have a phone or internet to distract you, you get LOADS done! I was well chuffed with my progress.

So day one of our honeymoon we were in LA, i looked up a yarn shop that was near where we were going, safe to say (running theme of honeymoon) we ran out of time, and then had to get a taxi to this yarn shop and i had like 15mins in this shop. It was a lovely shop, its near Melrose (as in place).

cute bags too

so not great pics as they don't look like this colour at all but this is what i got there.

I was feeling very chuffed, first day of honeymoon and got to go yarn shopping good right?

So day 2 we went to Disney, i risked it and took my knitting, i didn't really expect to do any, i was thinking long lines etc but took it anyway.

So rob took himself off to go on a crazy water ride, as you may know i don't like water so yes being a terrible wife i made him go on his own while i sat and knit. 

I rather enjoyed sitting in the shade for a bit working on a baby hat, yes people were looking at me but they didn't dare come over lol (good)

So the next day we were back on a plane, so my knitting came out again.

Progress right?

So stop 2 was Hawaii, so foolishly rob made me walk for like a hour to get to Walmart, none of our hotels included food so we figured we would get a few things in as we were there for 5 days.

Like i said i didn't really knit last time we were in the US but yay for yarn in supermarkets!

Like seriously. Yes its not fancy yarn, and most people would certainly turn their nose up at it but i think you need a bit of everything in your stash.
Cheap and cheerful is certainly needed sometimes. 

I love Peaches and Creme, and $2.02 like seriously??
I got quite a bit of this, i have used it before to make the elephants i have done in the past.

so yes yarn and food, admittedly a lot more yarn than food!

So yes feeling quite chuffed.

So one of the days in hawaii we headed to the beach.
People sit and read on the beach (and i did) so why not knit? I admit i only knit till it got crazy hot then i just couldn't. I did make a point of taking cotton to work on and basically just make baby hats when i was there. 

here i am knitting in the wild lol

So after a morning at the beach, i got burnt so the next day we went to the most amazing place but i had to sit in my t-shirt. So here i sat under a palm tree in PARADISE like seriously i can't wait to blog about this place. But i was so happy sitting under this palm tree reading by book and knitting. 

So i finished this for baby Violet, yes it is indeed pumpkin hat season.

So yes i got a few hats knit throughout the trip.

But then we headed to San Fran! Now i was rather excited about a certain yarn shop there. 

I have to say it wasn't that easy to find, its certainly not on route, but after we had spent the morning searching for somewhere for rob i didn't feel too guilty dragging him off to the wool shop.

So i had told my sis i was going and if she wanted to order anything online i would pick it up. 

So when i got there her order was waiting along with a gift voucher she had bought me to spend there, this was a awesome surprise.

So here are some pics of the shop, it was awesome!

like seriously how good does this look?

I had tried to be good and think of things i wanted, when we were in LA i kinda just bought for buying sake, which is fine but you can't always do that. 

So i planned it all out, and went for certain yarn to make certain things, (details to follow)

Safe to say rob got pretty bored when we were here, his battery on his phone had died using maps to get us there, we used maps to get everywhere. So he went for a walk, he came back after a while but i still wasn't done so off he went again.

Then i was kinda finished and he wasn't there. it had been a while now, he had my phone, all the money and everything, and there was no sign of him. I looked up the street, down, up this hill that hill.

No sign, now we take mobiles granted, i knew he would be ok and obviously come back but it was a bit scary thinking what if something has happened etc

but of course he came back and had been on a super adventure.

So yes i paid up and went on my way with my 3 giant carrier bags.

So i wanted to take a couple of pics, this is of my running to the shop, like my new backpack?

and yes i wore my laika especially for my trip, Imaginknits was a fab shop and the staff really friendly. It was quite a bit of pressure to think, this is my one chance! What do i need to buy? i could have bought loads more but this was our last day of our holiday so you know!

But i am really pleased with what i got.

I shall be back soon so show you what i actually got.

So there you go that is my knitting adventures on my honeymoon, didn't i do well??

Rach x


Jude said...

Brilliant! Never thought to be buying wool in the LA! Must get the soon-to-be daughter in law checking out the best ones to take me to..... lol And knitting on the plane? Didn't you have problems getting the needles through Security at the airport? I'll be going via Heathrow; is Manchester a bit more easy-going do you think? Can't wait to see all the photos. Jude.x

hotpotato said...

I don't think you are odd taking your knitting with you, it's best to be doing something while you wait. When we went to Florida and the parks I sat and read my book while hubby and the kids waited for rides.They enjoyed themselves and so did I.

Hi, I'm Vicki said...

so awesome, your yarny adventures make me a little green!!!! the peaches and cream yarn looks gorgeous.

kamadres said...

Hi Rachel,
knitting under a palm tree... I am definitely jealous... :-)
I like the pumpkin hat.


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