Thursday, 2 August 2012

Feet etc

Hello! How do u fancy a none knitting related post?? Yes please I hear you cry!

Here goes, let's see if I can still remember how to do this!

So this weekend as I mentioned is my hen do and robs stag do!

My plan is have a lovely beautician lady come to my house for the afternoon and me and my friends all have our nails done! Sounds fun right?

So coz I'm greedy or coz I'm the bride I wanted my hands as feet doing. So me and Vic headed off tonight for round one!
If u hate feet look away now!!

-You so can't see how cute these are in real life but they are crazy sparkly red!

Vic went next and picked the Violet colour! Cute


I wore my new bargain flip
Flops which I don't think I told you about! Love!

I came home to find robs chums here all ready for his stag do which starts tomo!
At 7am! So I have to get up in the dead of the night (nearly) and take them to the station!
I have decided I may as well start work then rather than drive back home to come back!
But at least I finish at 3pm!
So I was greeted with this

Not sure my willpower could have resisted these! But they were gone when I got home!

The guys are currently playing loud games and forgetting I'm a work tomo lol

This is our Usher and Best man! Small guy wedding party but his best buddies!

Right I must go and dry my hair and attempt sleep! Alarm is is for 5.45!
I shall be back over the weekend to fill u in on the rest of the fun!
Oh an coz I can't resist this is how my mitten is looking!


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