Monday, 4 June 2012

Winter knits

Hello, me again, I know right how much blogging lately? I certainly go in phases don't I?

Anyway I thought i would share you with some pics of something i have finished.

I got a bit of a bee in my bonnet for another Owls jumper, i have a fair few of these now but i wanted one in Charcoal

So i off i went with it, think this is the quickest one i have done, I am planning to put to put the eyes on but i never seen to be near a button shop.

Ive obviously taken these pics myself so they aren't great but i love this colour.

This was my first one which i started in September 2010 but only finished in Feb 2011.

ah remember when i dyed my hair red lol, that didn't last long.

This one i started in March and finished in May, i like the colour of this one

Then i thought i would do one without the owls as i liked the shape of the jumper

started July finished in August, this is the biggest one, as i have kinda gone up in sizes so i have a 34, 36 & and a 38 lol

I can't say i have worn this one a great deal for some reason. Guess when you are feeling a bit wider, nothing is gonna make you feel even wider like horizontal stripes.

lol note my hair getting longer in each pic

I have used the same yarn for all of these 
Jarol Sweet Briar Chunky its pretty darn cheap a ball and i think i haven't used anymore than 4 balls.

which is your favourite?

Hoping to get the buttons maybe tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a good weekend, i haven't done a great deal, a bit of wedding shopping on saturday and just sitting and knitting yesterday, I'm still not feeling 100% and enjoying chilling out.

I have made a nice big dent in my Laika so i can share some pics of that soon, i have been working on that and that alone for days, i have picked up a bit of baby knitting today to have a little break.

Right i best get back to sitting back and not being at home

oh yeah!!

thanks for stopping by

rachel x

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