Friday, 13 April 2012

Tick tick tick

Hello, i thought i would call by tonight and share a bit of wedding info. I have really talked about it too much, but the other day i did a bit of wedding scrapping, capturing the details.

So whats been happening? so far we have ticked off our list

His Suit
His shoes
My shoes
airport hotel
picked wedding 'breakfast'

I think thats it, our invites are being printed tonight having been designed by our fabulous friend Emily, they are flipping awesome, I'm going to Newcastle next weekend to get them off her.
In the meantime rob will be suit shopping for his best man and usher.

So this is my page on the favours and the menu choices, I'm pretty sure this was a starting point from shimelle, speaking of Shim are you heading over there to join in her online crop this weekend? Im planning on joining in where i can.

So when i thought about getting married i always saw pink, so i got my bridesmaids all in pink to start off with, we tried a few but none were quite the shade i was after.

i was worried about it being too pink and dare i say tacky.

But after quite minimal trying on we came across these lovely green dresses, they all liked the same one is well which is jolly helpful.

So there you go I'm trying to scrap little bits and what i do that month and things like that.

Lots of things to tick off the list but we are getting there.

Super excited about the invites yay!

Right, knitting time now, my friends and my lovely godson are visiting tomorrow so hoping it doesn't rain so we can do something fun, a farm maybe or something like that, then a bit of scrapping i thinks.

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel xx


Libby said...

Love the colour you selected. And what a great way to document your trip to the aisle. When is the big day? And where are you going for your honeymoon? :-)

hotpotato said...

The green dresses are gorgeous so much better than the pink ones. The girls look fab.

Rachael Elliott said...

Rachel I think it is great that you are scrapping your wedding planning, it will be so lovely to look back on in years to come when you and Rob are an old married couple like Justin and I are lol


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